Monday, February 15, 2010

So I have not been able to log onto our blog for MONTHS which is why we haven't been posting anything in a long while! Oh my gosh! Ruby is so big now! She is 14 months and she is walking, saying a few words, running, and all over the place! SHe is recently obsessed with these videos called Signing Times! We have been renting them from the library but it looks like we might have to buy them! She watches the videos like 15 times a day! She is learning all kinds of signs to foods, playtime things, etc. It's so cute! We just had a wonderful Valentines day! Chris bought me a very beautiful vase of flowers! I love flowers so he did GREAT! Ruby and I had a little Valentines DAy party with some friends which was alot of fun!

At Church, after 1 1/2 years of being the sunbeam teachers, we were happily released! It was a great calling but can be very tiresome especially with little Ruby :) This week I was called as the Primary secretary! yeah! It was sooo different than being a sunbeam teacher..alot more freedom and I can talk to adults! Chris was called as the Young Mens secretary! He will love it!

We are still decorating/fixing our home and we are loving it more all the time! We are trying to finish our bedroom! I'll post pictures once it is finished! So....we still have to finish the bathroom, laundry room and paint the outside of our house! Hopefully soon it will be all done!

GOOD NEWS! Ruby and I will be traveling to AZ in March to visit my family! We are soo excited and just booked the tickets last night-Thanks to my parents!!! They are amazing and so wonderful!

Ruby's Birthday lunch at McDonalds!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So here are some pictures that are more recent. We went to the Rodeo, the airport on the way to arizona, home, easter, walking,waterfalls and more! We have been enjoying summer recently and finally enjoying the nice weather! Chris is SUPER busy! At least I can snag a date with him each week! Chloe' has been living with us this summer and she is soo nice to watch Ruby when we go on our dates!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

It has been a really long time since I have updated this, Ruby is so small in those pictures. She has grown soo much! Ruby is babbling now, and she can pretty much sit on her own. She still has pretty much no hair.... :( but its ok we still love her!Ruby is obsessed with electronics. We laugh so much because she wants computers, cell phones, phones, remotes anything you can think of that needs a battery!

We got a webcam to talk to Grandma and Grandpa in Arizona! This is one of the funny pictures we took!

Chris is so silly!

This is really old but I love this hat on Ruby!

We went swimming at Green Canyon Hot Springs and Ruby loved it! This was a few months ago!

Well there are a few pictures to look at at least. I will be putting more pictures on here as soon as I get our camera cord in the mail!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Ruby DeAnn Lawson

She was born on December 8, 2008
7 lbs 18 1/2 in. at 9:22 am!

We are so happy to have her! She is such a great baby!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Here is my pregnancy picture ----> 6 months!

More Pictures :)

Here are some of the Blackfoot County Fair pictures! Chris loved that huge bird...personally it gave me the know when you watch americas funniest home videos and the bird always attacks the people's face or something...ya i guess he was lucky but i stayed back :)


Hey everyone! We have been so busy this summer! We bought a cute little old house in ST. Anthony Id and we are loving living in it! We bought it back in June but haven't been able to move into it since about 2 weeks ago! We have been working like crazy this summer, although I am slowing down a little now but Chris is still working full time.

In August we went to Soda Springs ID where we went to a really cool water park and went tubing down the portneuf river! it was so much fun!!! We stayed at the hotel that Chris is displaying in one of the pictures!!!

Our dog Rio is there too, he is going to the bathroom, but thats the only time he would slow down so i could take a picture! HE is the most hyper dog you will ever meet...i'm serious but he is so cute! We, especially Chris love him!

Oh yes, and I am pregnant and having a baby in November, the 29th exactly..well thats the plan. :) We are having a girl and can't really decide 100% on a name. We have a few that we like but right now we really like Mary-Kate. Have any suggestions and let me know!

YEsterday we went to the Blackfoot Fair-really fun! We went on the ferris wheel, looked at art, saw all the weird people, pet the crazy animals and walked around. It was a nice day off and it was cool to see a real live country county fair ;)