Monday, February 15, 2010

So I have not been able to log onto our blog for MONTHS which is why we haven't been posting anything in a long while! Oh my gosh! Ruby is so big now! She is 14 months and she is walking, saying a few words, running, and all over the place! SHe is recently obsessed with these videos called Signing Times! We have been renting them from the library but it looks like we might have to buy them! She watches the videos like 15 times a day! She is learning all kinds of signs to foods, playtime things, etc. It's so cute! We just had a wonderful Valentines day! Chris bought me a very beautiful vase of flowers! I love flowers so he did GREAT! Ruby and I had a little Valentines DAy party with some friends which was alot of fun!

At Church, after 1 1/2 years of being the sunbeam teachers, we were happily released! It was a great calling but can be very tiresome especially with little Ruby :) This week I was called as the Primary secretary! yeah! It was sooo different than being a sunbeam teacher..alot more freedom and I can talk to adults! Chris was called as the Young Mens secretary! He will love it!

We are still decorating/fixing our home and we are loving it more all the time! We are trying to finish our bedroom! I'll post pictures once it is finished! So....we still have to finish the bathroom, laundry room and paint the outside of our house! Hopefully soon it will be all done!

GOOD NEWS! Ruby and I will be traveling to AZ in March to visit my family! We are soo excited and just booked the tickets last night-Thanks to my parents!!! They are amazing and so wonderful!

Ruby's Birthday lunch at McDonalds!